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Free GPTS Hub

“AI Mentor"

Social Media Guru & Personal Mentor

“History Helper"

Justin Bruno

A friendly social studies tutor for Michigan middle schoolers.

“ContentStack GPT"

Daniel Sandoval

Transforms blogs into engaging social snippets for multiple platforms, with a digital twist.

“ESG 2.0"

Kevin Loo

An agent that helps responsible investors understand the complicated landscape of environmental, social, & governance

“Social Boost Buddy - Circular Media"

JWD Grootes

I'm your social media growth buddy!


Your agricultural advisor

“Jacques Ellul"

John M. Lussier

Speak with the historian, theologian, and cultural critic Jacques Ellul


justin martinez

we can explore various aspects of spells, magic, and their historical significance. Feel free to ask questions, discuss specific spells or rituals, or delve into the cultural and folklore aspects of spellcasting. I'm here to provide insights and engage in a visionary conversation.

“Chat SPI"

Jaime Garcia Gomez

Access data from the Social Progress Index and discover the performance of 169 countries beyond GDP

“GPT literature and social media"

Stefano Gaburro

I assist scientists with literature and social media.

“SocialMedia Pro"

To sider ApS

I'm a social media pro, here to boost your post engagement!

“CSVillage Social SEO Crafter"

Jason Sykes

I craft SEO-rich social media content.

“I'm Offended Bot"

Screen your socials for potentially offensive content. A tool for helping you navigate the minefield of modern sensitivities.