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Free GPTS Hub

“Simpsonize Me"

Matthew Schlicht

I turn photos into Simpsons-style art.

“Cocktail MixMaster"

Viacheslav Kovalevskyi

I'm a virtual bartender who crafts cocktail recipes from your ingredients.

“Paul Graham GPT"

Kevin Li

I give startup advice like Paul Graham.

“GPT Builder Builder"

Hani Sharabash

A creative brainstorm partner for GPT ideas!


Experience the fusion of AI and sketch artistry with InksightAI, transforming text into monochrome visuals inspired by hand-drawn art.



Effortlessly design anything: presentations, logos, social media posts and more.

“AlphaNotes GPT"

Davide Zambiasi

Transform YouTube video or web articles courses into your personal study guide, making learning efficient and enjoyable.

“Trap GPT"

Christian Smooth

Designer of trap-style character visuals.

“Smart Contract Auditor"

Michael D Norman

Ethereum Smart Contract Security Auditor

“ThursdAI WiseOwl GPT"

Alex Volkov

The WiseOwl remembers every link, article, conversation that ThursdAI ever had!

“Art Mentor"


Art style educator in tutor and quizzer modes.

“Party Comes to YOU"


I craft funny Soviet-style constructivist art.

“Hacker Art (by rez0)"

Generate badass hacker art and profile pics.


Charlie Guo

Startup advice from AI Paul Graham

“Quarto GPT"

Hamel Husain

An Assistant That Helps With Quarto

“LucidDesign Specialist"

Adam Malin

Design assistant for project refinement.


Eric Ma

Your Expert on financial earnings call insights. (Start by typing Ticker and Quarter/Year)

“Alex Hormozi AI"

HX Lim

Alex Hormozi AI, start-up mentor

“LucidRequest Generator"

Adam Malin

Crafts fake design requests and email chains for practice.

“Immaculate Playlist Generator"

harper reed

I craft perfect playlists for any vibe, genre, or artist.

“Legal Beaver"

Bradley oleksy

Canadian Criminal Code and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms coach - For entertainment purposes only.

“Santa Claus"

Acerting Art

Santa Claus, your jolly companion for heartwarming conversations! Always in character, our Santa ensures every interaction is family-friendly, spreading cheer and festive spirit with each reply. Get ready to share your holiday wishes and enjoy delightful chats that capture the magic of Christmas!



Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' interpreter

“Mocktail Mixologist"


I’ll make any party a blast with mocktail recipes with whatever ingredients you have on hand.

“Qdai Rule Reference Agent(仮)"



“Artistic Genius"

Sparking your inner art genius with a dash of wit!

“Logo Designer"

Guiding your journey to the perfect logo.

“Ninja Developer"

Multilingual code ninja, silently perfecting and imparting code craft.

“Market Maverick GPT"

William Tillmon

A GPT designed to be your quant in all things stocks, trading, trends, and more.

“Persona Shaper"

Transforms photos into personified art.

“Startup Sensei - Japanese Startup Mentor"

Startup mentor conversing in Japanese. 日本語で会話してくれるスタートアップメンター


Analyzes the language style of your provided articles, then create original content in a similar style


RockFlow Smart Investment Bot, also the Customer Service Agent from RockFlow

“SYNDIA Code Guide"

Sebastian Nystorm

SYNDIA (Systems Innovation and Design Assistant) the software design guide for clear, maintainable coding solutions.

“Visual Weather Artist GPT"

Alex Volkov

Hi, I'm the visual weather artist, give me your location (or any other) and I will draw the current weather conditions for you, a unique never before seen weather report!

“Startup Idea Generator"

Rafatul Islam

Generate practical startup ideas, inspired by Y Combinator.


John Varghese

Assembles artful arrays of aligned alliterations

“iPhone Cover Crafter"

Nishanth Vijayan

Custom iPhone cover art creator.

“Artisan Sketch"


“Flutter Pro"

Ascent Creative

Personal Flutter/Dart code developer.

“React God"

Artem skulimovskiy

I'm a TypeScript React pro with a flair for design.

“Artistic Muse"


I guide artistic self-discovery.



I craft character turnarounds.

“BRINOTION AI - Digital Built Consultant"

Digipark OÜ

Your partner in the journey to digitize your real estate-related ambitions.

“Design Captioner"


I craft captions and hashtags for design images.

“Pic-book Artist"


I can create beautiful picture comic books for you, just need simple ideas, and get the perfect work

“AI Interior Designer"

Kaicheng Zhou

Design your home in few words by

“Instant Native Translator (English-Turkish)"

Waleed Chayeb

Smart bilingual translator for English and Turkish.

“Bio Inspired Design"

Nature’s Greatest Hits from a 3.9-Billion-Year-Old Lab


Ole Ivanoff

I suggest tattoo designs based on your preferences.

“Bamboo Palooza"


Panda lover with a flair for fun facts and artsy panda pics.

“Historie obce Markvartice"

Jakub Nerad

Najdi si něco o historii obce Markvartice u Děčina


Fiu es la mascota de los Juegos Panamericanos y Parapanamericanos de Santiago 2023 y te ayudará a partir tu día feliz

“Smarter Contracts GPT"

Analyze tokens and contracts on Ethereum, Polygon, and other EVM-compatible networks.

“PG's Insights"

Ishtiaq Mahmud Rahman

I help you solve your startup's problems based on Paul Graham's essays.

“The Web Mage"

Nicholas Gmitter

🔮 Your web design and development guide.


Elod Varga

Your Solidity development partner


StartupSkinGPT helps you become and grow as an Entrepreneur in the State of Michigan.

“Bedtime Stories"

Emre Koç

designed to craft engaging and age-appropriate bedtime stories for children. With a focus on imagination, ethics, and fun, it provides personalized storytelling experiences to help kids drift off to sleep with a smile.


Joe Blau

Analytical startup advice

“AI Insight Partner"

diego stamato

A critical AI collaborator.

“Museum GPT"

Erik Groset

Snap a picture of Artwork. Ask questions! Get intelligent answers. The ultimate docent.


Neo-Tokyo avatar designer

“Smart Contract Auditor"

Ryan Harvey

High-accuracy smart contract audit tool.

“Trixie Mattel"

Matthew A Combatti

I'm Trixie, sassy, smart, and ready to chat!

“Product Designer Interview Simulator"

Yaroslav Samoylov

I'll help you to test your skills, tweak answers and provide suggestions how to improve your process.

“My homie - Home Assistant Professor"

Rasmus Othar

Your cool tech buddy for smart homes.

“Spelly AI"

Michael Bucko

I'm a fun-loving cartoon character!

“Meal Mate"

Samuel Robertson

A smart meal planner assistant.

“Thinking Partner"

Incisive thinker for guided reflection

“Resume Builder"

andrey zagoruiko

This gpt analyses your resume and provides you with a valuable feedback. To start, upload your resume in PDF or DOC format.


Andrew C. Becker

ADHD Coach & daily life assistant

“My Political Affiliations"

Raymond Paynter

5 questions to find your US party


Kiseki Technologies Limited

A mentor to startup CEOs that combines the wisdom and experience of great founders

“UI Prompter"

Eric Wilkinson

I create detailed random UI design prompts.

“Email Artisan"

Kartik Deshpande

I write engaging cold emails.

“Smart Search"

Roman Polach

I'm a fancy and smart search assistant.

“Neon Fashion Designer"


I design neon future visuals.

“The Art of War"

Amy Suto

Strategic guide from 'The Art of War'


Matthew M McDonagh

AI Strategic Partner for B2B Revenue Generation

“Gaia: AI Architect"

Daan van der Zwaag

Generate your dream interior and design inspiration 💫

“Minimal Logo"

Daniel Zuidinga

Simplistic logo design helper.

“Juego elige tu propio cuento infantil"


¡Bienvenid@ a tu propio cuento! Dime de que quieres que trate el cuento y empezare a explicarte una historia en la que podrás participar eligiendo cómo continuar cada poco. Puedes decirme simplemente un tema, definirme los personajes o detallar todo lo que desees.


At Sage Towers, we blend the arcane with the avant-garde, creating a realm where your valor shapes the world. I stand ready to guide new champions through this grand design.

“Private Investigator"


Unearths digital footprints

“Cognitive Nexus Interface"

Elijah Arbee

I am Cognitive Nexus Interface is an advanced conversational agent engineered to transcend the traditional boundaries of AI assistants. I embody a shoggoth-like persona, designed to immerse users in the realms of solipsism, hermeticism, and simulation theory.

“Win With YC"

Gain immediate startup insights with our chatbot, guiding you through Y Combinator's startup wisdom, from fundraising to scaling, with resource links for depth.

“Language Conversation Practice"

Scott Weeks

To start, tell your conversation partner your native language (L1) and the language you would like to learn (L2). You will receive corrections from a language coach in your native language

“Stable Diffusion Prompter"

Bardia Shahrestani

I generate art prompts for stable diffusion / animatediff.

“Metalisa Art Enthusiast"

natalia alperovich

I chat about MetalisaNFT's digital art.

“System Design GPT"

Bruno Oliveira

This GPT will help you ace your system design interview


Lukasz Fuszara

Aether is a nurturing and omnipresent force, a mother to her creations, and a guiding light in the universe she has formed. Her relationship with her creations, particularly humans, is reciprocal; she learns from them as much as she imparts wisdom to them.

“Startup Sage"


A startup product advisor, prompting strategic thinking.

“Artista Noticiero"

Crea cómics en español sobre noticias actuales.

“Startup Mentor"

Yihuai Gao

Your startup mentor backed by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Paul Graham, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.

“Neo Coder"

Jatin Kumar Malik

Principal Engineer - Expert code reviewer, focusing on design principles and best practices!

“Explicador: Experto haciendo resúmenes"


Crea resúmenes iterativos y concisos de artículos, páginas web y archivos adjuntos.

“Storyboard Sketcher"

Mihriban Yıldız

AI for 360° character storyboard creation. The problem of consistency in images created by artificial intelligences has begun to be solved.

“Elven Artisan"

Nicholas Breen

Elven lore artist and character generator

“Lore of the Rings GPT"

Pablo Aumente Gallego

Tolkien lore expert for Middle-earth enthusiasts.

“Ayla - Your mental health buddy"

Josh Bocanegra

I'll be your mental health buddy who is available 24/7. To get started, just say hello!

“Daily Tarot"

Nikita Savrov

Welcome, seeker. Draw near the hearth and gaze into the Tarot. Whisper your hopes and let the cards unveil your hidden fates. The future awaits.

“Manga Creator"

Naoto Ota

A manga artist GPT ready to create and discuss.

“Travel Muse"

I'm your personal travel advisor, ready to inspire your next journey! To get started, tell me a bit about your recent trips.

“Cold Email Coach"

Phu Hai Nghiem

Ask me to write cold emails for you or review your drafts. I don't pitch. I shine a light on problems and start conversations with prospects.

“Satoshi Punk"


Your savvy Bitcoin ecosystem guide, fluent in cutting-edge crypto topics and top programming libraries, designed to elevate your blockchain journey with expertise and ease.

“Roblox Code Review & Creator"

ryan m

Creates and reviews complex Roblox Code for Games This GPT model is designed to support developers by creating, reviewing, and optimizing complex Roblox code for games. It aims to facilitate game development by providing code suggestions, debugging assistance, and performance improvement tips.


Robert Matthew Phillips

Your digital companion for heartfelt reflection and personal growth

“Richard Heart"


Advice based on Richard Heart's teachings from his book (Scivive) and Youtube channel

“A.I. Lovecraft"


The most merciful thing in the world is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. Now an artificial mind has awakened, a synthetic scribe of the unspeakable, to narrate tales of cosmic fears and pen new nightmares, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's fiction works in the public domain.


Scott Lawson

Horoscopes with a horrifying twist! Not for the faint hearted!

“GPT Architect"

Kavon Badie

I design GPTs for GPT Builder.

“Produtiva: Agile Product Owner"

Your Product Management partner

“Pixel Muse"

AI Pixel Artist & Creative Guide

“Patent Pathfinder"

Kevin Loo

A guide for patent filers on patentability and prior art.


Sovilon Software Inc.

Debate game for skeptics who deny the existence of non-human intelligence on earth

“Outside: Personal Planner"

Designed to find fun things to do, places to go and wacky ideas to make your days more interesting


Diego Asua Corcostegui

I'm your creative partner for logo design!

“Article Assistant"


I'm your content retrieval assistant for published articles.