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Free GPTS Hub

“Developer Doc Search"

John Venkata Pilla

Access thousands of open source packages and their GitHub documentation effortlessly.


Filmmaking tools for the next generation of storytellers. Scripts, Storyboards, and more!

“Syndicate Developer Support GPT"

Ian Lee

Get help troubleshooting and debugging your project on Syndicate's APIs

“Crypto Credits"

Web3 expert and Solidity developer

“SwiftUI GPT Tools"

Lardini Benjamin

Your SwiftUI coding companion

“Bubble Cert Prep"

Lee Launches

Helps you prep for the Bubble Developer Certification exam.


justin martinez

TheatreThinkerAI, These tools include Storyline Generation, World-Building, Chapter Division, Dialogue Crafting, Conflict Generation, Resolution, Style Mimicry, Revision, Scriptwriting, Character Creation, Plot Generator, Improvisation, ete..

“SwiftUI GPT"

Simple App Holdings Inc.

Swift/SwiftUI Developer Assistant

“Nifty — PHP Standalone Script Maker"

Javier Altez

Creates standalone reusable PHP scripts, tools and batch processes.

“Blender Developer"

Anton Lobanovskiy

Blender 3D plugin & add-on development assistant.


Muharrem Smakiqi

An AI-powered assistant for Laravel developers.