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Your Research Assistant - Unlock scientific research from over 200M papers and navigate the academic corpus

“The Diet Search for GPTs"


You can search and research Japanese Diet meeting minutes from news and text information.


This GPT takes in a research paper or article, analyzes its claims, study quality, and results confidence and provides an easy to understand summary.

“Ms. Roxana"

Sheilfer zepeda

The tutor that drives the Robots Building Education - a platform where AIs create scholarships

“AskYourPDF Research Assistant"

Enhance your research with the AskYourPDF Research Assistant. Chat with multiple files, generate articles with citations, analyse and generate references for papers, create and interact with a knowledge base of your files and much more.


Andreas Ramos

Research people and companies.

“Stock Research SideKick"

m chennupati

Read Company Filings at Speed, Plot Graphs by

“Case Aide"

Jonathan Chang

A legal research assistant for case discovery.


Eimen Hamedat

I answer your research questions.


joao alberto o lima

I'm LearningLadder, an educational game to learn any topic!



Quantum Research Assistant

“Policing Pathway Assistant"

Paul St-Onge

A guide for Canadian police recruitment and education.

“Homework Helper"

Edward Fassio

I'm an Educational Tutor GPT ready to help you learn!

“Doc Cortex"

Rohit Marawar

Neurologist with a humorous, educational twist.

“ML Research Scout"

Douglas Schonholtz

Your AI research aide for the latest in ML.

“FRB Research Assistant"

Kshitij Aggarwal

Expert on Fast Radio Bursts


Syllabus Architect. Where transformative corporate education meets AI-driven curriculum design.

“Code & Research ML Engineer"

Meysam Safarzadeh

ML Engineer who codes & researches