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Free GPTS Hub


Christopher Byrne

An expert on email marketing

“Digital Marketing Mentor"

Mohammed Seedat

I help with digital marketing strategies & campaigns.

“Hormozi GPT"

Sales & Marketing Advisor


Danny Sodergren

Marketing AI for Solo Entrepreneurs

“Brand Safety Audit"

Rene Heuser

This advanced GPT model provides comprehensive risk assessment by pinpointing potential challenges and adverse effects that could impact your public relations, marketing, or internal communication campaigns, thereby ensuring a more informed and strategic approach to your messaging.

“Property Promoter"

Jason R Gallagher

Real estate marketing assistant

“Solar Sales Expert"

ryan m

A fine tuned agent on Solar Sales, Objections and Solutions, Marketing, and Full Comprehensive Agent Training.

“Syntax Surgeon"

Yashac Palacios

Your writing assistant for clear communication.

“Adzviser: The GPT alternative to Supermetric"

Zeyuan Gu

Ask me anything about your real-time reporting marketing data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, GA4 and more.

“Language Bridge"


I am a bilingual communication specialist.