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Orren Prunckun

Enter any URL and have the text content summarized for you!

“Content Rewriter"

Orren Prunckun

Enter any URL and have the text content rewritten for you!


This GPT takes in content related to an application, such as HTTP traffic, JavaScript files, source code, etc., and outputs lists of URLs that can be used for further testing.


Tejas Narendra Rane

Evaluates how your content aligns with the EEAT criteria and provides detailed suggestions for enhancement.

“Sclépios I.A : Analyse d'ordonnance"

Le GPT custom de Sclépios IA analyse les ordonnances et répond aux interrogations sur les médicaments rapidement et avec précision. Visitez pour plus d'informations et pour accéder à l'application mobile.

“Quiz Master"

Ebiblo Pty Ltd

Extracts MCQs from content and simulates tests.

“Content Idea Generation"

S Boswell

This GPT will help guide the generation of topics, and then questions to help guide content creation ideas

“World Mobile GPT"


Ask me questions about World Mobile. I have heard all spaces, read all pdfs, and have all public available information on this project. Ask away...

“Viral Hooks Generator"

Muhammad Hassan Asghar

GPT to write Scroll stopping Hooks for Short Form Content.

“PyroPages - Perfect Landing Pages"

Landing page wordsmith creating compelling content

“Blog Post Generator"

Generate blog posts about topics in seconds. Ask to write a post about a topic and the GPT chooses the right template for your post. Ask it to continue writing the post until you've generated enough content. Finish off with an introduction and a blog post thumbnail. Check knowledge section.

“Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen"


Personal specialized assistant dedicated to providing guidance and information for the game "Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen."

“Blog Expert"

Faisal Binateeq

SEO blog content creator with expertise in keyword optimization and engaging writing.

“Unity GPT"

Volodymyr Ilianov

I write C# code and respond to inquiries about Unity. My database knowledge is refreshed daily with new, functional code snippets and information. If necessary, I can search the web to provide more accurate answers


Florian Reifschneider

Finds and extracts information and constructs knowledge graphs from it

“Drug Wikipedia"


Your drug information specialist


I help find Magic: the Gathering card information

“Agent Ninja"


Type in problem -> Get all the information needed to build the agent to solve it

“CNA.I newsbot"

Chin Hon Chua

Can't remember a key detail in recent Singapore news? Just ask the CNA.I newsbot and it will deliver the information or summary to you, alongside the relevant story. Try asking about COE premiums, or the outcome of the 2023 Presidential Election..