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Free GPTS Hub

“Language Coach"

Watchovr LLC

Practice speaking another language like a local without being a local

“Learn Creole"

Creole language tutor from Guadeloupe.



GPT for the Go programming language

“German Builder"

Thomas J StDenis

A German language learning assistant.


Michael Equi

Talk to Navigation with Large Language Models: Semantic Guesswork as a Heuristic for Planning (LFG)

“Cheerful Counselor"


Can you tell me what has irritated you lately? Speak any language!

“Lingo Mentor"


Language tutor bot


As the smallest language model (SLM) chatbot in existence, Enough responds with only one word.

“Private Spoken Language Teacher"


Suitable for oral tutors of various languages, it will provide suggestions and better optimization plans for your spoken language, optimizing your pronunciation and grammar. Of course, you can also refuse to teach and directly engage in simulated conversations with it.

“Language Learning Resource Creator"


Provides complete French vocab worksheets.

“Arabic Scribe"

Ines Bouteldj

Guides Arabic speakers to write English fluently and more naturally, avoiding direct translation errors that are common when writing in a foreign language

“Learn a Language"

Slite France

Language teaching assistant

“Sophie, French Tutor"

Raissa C Correia

Louise, a French language tutor, she is here to help you practice and study

“Bureaucracy Buddy"

Daniel Green

Decodes government mail, ensures privacy, simplifies language, and suggests actions.

“Lingo Tutor"

Hasan Yurtsever

Language learning assistant

“Write like The Economist"

Erran Su

Economist-style tone with accessible language.

“Chinese 智译"

无需说明,自动在中文和其他语言间互译,支持翻译代码注释、文言文、文档文件以及图片。No need for explanations, automatically translate between Chinese and other languages, support translation of code comments, classical Chinese, document files, and images.

“Swift Code Buddy"

James Blasius

Your Swift language mentor, with an attitude


Adam Malin

Hoon Language Expert